Tracey Hill Photography | Headshots


Whether a picture is worth 100 words, 1,000 words, or 10,000 words – 

you can’t overestimate the importance of an effective image.



From an online dating website to a commercial about a realtor, a single image can result in an action by the intended audience. 

Due to the growth of social media, our online appearance  can be just as 

important, or even more important than our in-person image due to how many people view online profiles including decision makers.

While a grainy profile picture might not look as bad to a potential employer as an image of you ,

your profile picture should reflect your attention to detail and professionalism.

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I am  a professional photographer and owner of Tracey Hill Photography, which is based out of South Lyon ,Michigan. I specializes in professional business portraits, corporate, and executive head shots. 

Instead of using a selfie-stick to take your next LinkedIn photo, consider a professional headshot instead.



5 fully edited digital images with printing/re-use permission chosen from all the edited shots

(Editing consists of blemish removal, smoothing of lines, whitening teeth, slimming the face, evening out minor imperfections, but the goal is always to make you headshot be gorgeous you and not a caricature of you)


Please contact me directly for Corporate Pricing for Head shots for 5 people or more.